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Donate to the Thanksgiving Meal Program

For more than 30 years, CCHASM has served Chesterfield and Colonial Heights and surrounding areas through the Thanksgiving Meal Program. You may donate with a monetary amount for meal gift packages, grocery store gift cards, a monetary donation to be used as needed, or a combination of these options.  Complete this either online or via the U.S. postal service option below. Thank you for your monetary contributions.



Online Donation Instructions:

1. Click the "Donate" button above to make a Thanksgiving Meal Program donation.

2. Complete the form and earmark if you want the donation to be used for a specific purpose (i.e., meal bags, gift cards, or a monetary donation to be used where needed).

3. Proceed to the PayPal link. Click the "PayPal Check out" link to finalize. 

4. You will receive an emailed confirmation for your transaction.

To securely donate online via PayPal, please click the green button above.

Online Donations
Mailed Donations

Mailed Donation Instructions:

1. Please make your check payable to CCHASM and mail it to:


     P.O. Box 1741

    Chesterfield, VA 23832

2. Please earmark how you would like the funds allocated, if preferred, such as:

  • meal gift bags,

  • food gift cards, or

  • a monetary donation to be used as needed. 

Meal Bag & Grocery Gift Card Donations

* New 2022 DROP-OFF Details * 

**Meal Bag/Gift Card Drop-off 2022 at Chesterfield County Fairgrounds Exhibition Center at 10300 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832 (across from L.C. Byrd High School**

--> Monday, November 14, 9a - 6p

--> Tuesday, November 15, 9a - 7p

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