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CCHASM celebrates 30 years!

Way back in 1988, several congregations, in concert with the Chesterfield Colonial Heights Department of Social Services came together to form an alliance to address the unmet emergency needs of residents of our community.

At that time our local Department of Social Services was seeking opportunities to collaborate with local congregations to assist their workers in securing resources beyond those that they were mandated to provide. Additionally, our member congregations desired a vehicle to help avoid duplication of services.

The founding group recognized the need for united approach to discern genuine acute needs from chronic ongoing needs. CCHASM was born out of this meeting and today continues its mission of providing emergency assistance to area residents in Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Hopewell, and Prince George through Food and Financial Assistance, a Career Clothes Cottage, and a Thanksgiving Meal Program.

In June 2018, we celebrated CCHASM's 30 year anniversary and honored some of our founders and partners. Many thanks to everyone that made this celebration and the work we do in the community possible.

#CCHASM #Celebration

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