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CCHASM Awarded An Altria Grant

This summer, CCHASM was honored as a 2019 Altria Companies Employee Community Fund (ACECF) grant recipient. ACECF was founded in 2000 to encourage employees to become more actively engaged in their communities.

Grant recipients, including CCHASM team members, were invited by Philip Morris USA to participate in the annual Contributing Together Day to share and meet informally with employees. More than a dozen local organizations participated and CCHASM staff shared more about the impact of Altria employee contributions that make a difference with our programs and services. It was a mutually-beneficial day talking with employees about the specific use of allocated grant funds.

MaryAnne Weeks sharing at Contribution Day.

Among the core service areas highlighted through the day with employees, CCHASM staff discussed services provided including emergency food and financial assistance, career clothing, and referral services throughout the Chesterfield County service area.

Want to learn more about ways to support CCHASM? Click here to get more information about how to donate to the annual Thanksgiving Meal Program that supports thousands of families throughout Central Virginia.


Generous Hearts and Caring Hands to Those in Need

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