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New Year, New Decade & New Perspective

For some, the new year is a time for resolutions and an opportunity to set new goals. It has also been a traditional time when people bring perspective by reflecting on the prior year and look forward to the next steps.

But for others, the new year just means more days with unanswered questions about how to ensure basic needs. As we know, people experience job loss, unexpected health issues, or an emergency situation. These "unknowns" are the reasons that we collaborate with social services agencies and others to serve families through our service area.

Through the year-round programs and services at CCHASM, we provide assistance for those in need. Through our food assistance programs, we partner with local churches to provide meal donations at area pantries. Find more information about the food assistance program here.

To assist us with this goal to support our community, will you consider a donation for CCHASM? To make a donation, click here. With your assistance, we can ensure lasting support throughout our community. Stay informed about our ongoing programs and follow us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

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