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Thankful for Thanksgiving Meal Volunteers

Each year, we are so fortunate to have volunteers who gracious support our Thanksgiving Meal Program. People are ready to assist with numerous tasks and we are grateful for the ongoing support.

To help us serve families in our communities, there are some amazing tasks performed by volunteers. So, it seems only appropriate to share how helpful they have been and express our gratitude.

There are so many ways that our volunteers assist to make the Thanksgiving Meal program a great success. First, there were countless ways this year that people stepped up voluntarily to help on site. Several volunteer groups, for instance, were helpful with unloading additional meal packages. Others were instrumental with the the distribution of meals to our social services agency liaisons. Volunteers helped us in the following ways:

  1. Sorting

  2. Packing

  3. Distributing homebound meals

  4. Packaging final meal packages

  5. Distribution onsite and assisting with carrying bags

Want to Become A Volunteer?

More information about sign-up opportunities for the Thanksgiving Meal Program 2020 will be posted on our website later this Fall. Be sure to follow us on social media via Facebook and Twitter to get the latest about this and other potential volunteer opportunities.

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